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      I’m getting the same things from my doc–although I’m early in the process and right now I’m just "hyperthyroid" which he’s describing as acute. He’s already seems to be pushing the RAI treatment, but I’m going to push for the medicinal treatment first. What does it hurt? If it works, I don’t lose my thyroid. If it doesn’t, then I know. I’ve prayed about it a lot, and that’s the message I’ve been getting back. If he doesn’t want to do this, I’ll go to Birmingham for a second opinion.

      I’m 30 and don’t want to deal with lethargy, depression, weight gain. It is totally opposite of me and I want to try ever avenue before I do something inrepairable.

      I’ve heard success stories about the medicinal treatment as well as failures. But I’m going to stick to my guns.

      Good luck!!!

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        Hi Tiffany,

        We’re really faced with some pretty difficult decisions, aren’t we? I was ready to go the medication route until I got "The Complete Thyroid Book" which has been very helpful. It says that in general it’s best to avoid antithyroid medication if your doctor knows for certain that you’ll be having RAI and your thyrotixic symptoms aren’t too servere. How does the doctor know for certain, since it’s possible (even though a slight chance) that we might not need RAI after medication? I’d like to try for a full remission too, but worry about the side effects (aplastic anemia and the need for a liver transplant) with the medication. Even though the chance of that is only 1% I’d sure hate to be in that 1%! Those are some pretty serious side effects. On the other hand, the book says that Graves’ disease can be easily controlled with the medication; that’s good news! But from what I understand – the medication can’t be taken forever and when it’s stopped – about 80% go hyper again. Sooo – consequently I sit here going back and forth, back and forth wondering what to do. I’m glad you’ve made a decision; I think that would be a relief.

        I’m with you – I really don’t want to deal with the symptoms of being hypo. I’m physically active and finally have my weight under control and don’t want to have to fight that battle more than I already do. At 54 it’s not easy under the best of circumstances!!

        One other thing – the book says that if you have TED the symptoms get better with medication over other treatments. Just thought I’d add that, since if I remember from an earlier post you apparently have some eye problems.

        Anyway – best of luck and keep posting; I’d like to know what your primary doc says.


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          Thanks Lynne!

          I just want to try that route first, since in almost every other country it’s the primary treatment with decent success rates. My doc isn’t even sure if I have Graves now…it may just be multinodular goiter and surgery might be required. Which also might be better for me than the RAI.

          I continue to do research to find what’s best for me. I’ll know more after the 18th. I guess I just have my mind made up I’ll try to do anything that’s not permanant before going to RAI route. My symptoms are so mild (some eye issue, hand tremors, throat clearing) and nothing major (sleep like a dream, no high heart rate, great hair, more cold than hot, not fidgety/anxious) so if the symptoms are minor, it might be best for me to avoid the permanant treatment–in my minds eye.

          It’s all so confusing, but I’m going with my gut and putting my faith in prayers and God’s hands. I guess that’s all we got! <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

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            Hi Again,

            Wow – so your doc isn’t sure if you have Graves’ or toxic multinodular goiter either. That’s what my endo said but the family doc said Graves’ – I’m hoping to get a firm diagnosis. Anyway – why the recommendation for surgery? Is that your preference or the doc’s? Just curious.

            Well – I guess the most important thing I’ve learned here is that "one size doesn’t fit all" when it comes to treatment. As others have said several times – each person has to pick what is right for him/her. So I’m glad you’ve made your decision and I wish you all the best. I’d really like to know how it all works for you. I may end up with the same option.

            Good luck on the 18th!

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              I think my family doc is leaning more to hot nodules. The more research I do, it seems that RAI might not be so bad for this–less chance of hypo than if it was Graves. Surgery to remove the nodules also appears to have a lower occurance of hypo. But if it’s Graves, I’m going for medication not RAI.

              I guess next week will reveal more. When are you hoping to find out your final diagnosis?

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                Hi Cathy,

                You had asked me to let you know what my family doc said after I saw him, which I did last Thursday. He called last night with the results of my bloodwork, and is comfortable with a diagnosis of Graves’. There were no antibodies but with my low TSH (.004) and slightly elevated FT4 (11.83) he didn’t think there is any doubt. So we’ll go with that.

                He started me on a beta blocker last week and that has been a tremendous help. We discussed my treatment options in depth – the pros and cons of each – and I’m having a tremendously difficult time making a decision. He said I can afford to wait but at some point – I have to decide.

                Okay – on to you. I’ve read some of your posts and I just can’t believe you’re not getting the support at work that you should. Of all people – other nurses and doctors should understand better than just about anyone else! Maybe we just have to be going through it ourselves before we can really understand what someone else is experiencing. But still – peers really should be more understanding. Your answers have really helped me, so I hope you get the same support here as well.

                Sounds like you’re doing really well with your diet. It isn’t easy!! You should be very pleased with the changes you’ve made. Is weight gain when hypo a given? And how much?? Is there a ‘normal’? Well – keep up the good work. Don’t know anything about lipids but hope you can get those to the level you want. One thing I’m learning is that thyroid problems change everything! <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

                Anyway – good luck with the stuff you’re dealing with too.


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                  So i am posting because i would like to get clarification on the treatment process for hyperthyroidism. Essentially i was diagnosed over 1 year ago and have finally come to grips that i have a problem that i believe i cannot control. the doctors i have seen have bee very direct and in my opinion, rude about just "obliterating the thyroid and getting on medicine." While i understand that my body is not healthy, i feel like i have so many questions. for example:

                  -do i take antithyroid drugs first? if so what types of side effects happen? how long can take them?
                  -do i have to take other medicines with the antithyroid drugs or avoid certain supplements?
                  -can obliteration cause eye problems? what about long-term impacts?
                  -is it common to take a series of radioactive iodine therapies? why?
                  -how long after obliteration will i begin taking T4? how long does it take to normalize?
                  -how to people commonly feel after obliteration and before getting the rigt level of T4?

                  Anyone who has went through this and can help me answer these questions or help me ask the right questions is welcome. I know not everyone has exactly the same experiences, but i am looking for insight–anything that can help me understand what i might expect to experience…


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                    Hey Lynn – Thanks for letting me (us) know – sounds like you made the Graves club with your diagnosis . . . welcome! Yea – the beta blockers are real helpful – so glad you are feeling better.

                    As for me – my co-workers would probably be more supportive if I worked at the same campus as they do. They rarely see me – so my "line in the sand" about putting health first may have seemed inappropriate. The staff on my campus who saw me during my worst moments were supportive. So, it is a lesson in face-time = friendship = trust. I am dissappointed but not surprized at their reaction. Working on building more local supports into my job as those are the ones that stood the Graves test!

                    Lipids = cholesterol, triglicerides, LDL and HDL – will re-test in 6 months but it has gotta be partially the hypo cause my diet and exercise don’t fit with heart stuff – some family history, though. This whole thing is quite a journey.

                    Seekingclarity – I have finally gotten well enough to stay up past my bedtime, but I am not clear enough to tackle your questions at this late hour with an early day tomorrow. Hopefully some others can do that shortly. This is a wonderful group to provide support so I am glad you are with us! Cathy

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