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      Good morning, Carolyn!
      By all means it is definitely possible that all this stress is bringing on hyper symptoms! It sounds like you tried to relieve some of it with exercise. Techniques for relieving stress have been discussed here in the past. A warm bubble bath, a good book, herbal teas(check with your doctor on which ones you may use), avoid caffeine, mood music. All of these can help. Each person must find what works best for him or her.
      Obviously you cannot run away from your stress, so meeting it head-on with good techniques for relaxation is best. After thought, try running a search on the BB!

      Wishing You My Best,
      Online Facilitator,NGDF

        Post count: 93172

        Carolyn, if your lab results were normal three weeks ago and you have been having hyper symptoms for a week, you may be newly hyper and need to be re-tested. Please call your doctor and report these symptoms.

        Many people believe that stress brings on hyper symptoms. The other side of the coin is that being hyper makes any of life’s more taxing events seem especially stressful. It can be hard to say which came first.

        Good luck on your papers and presentations–they can be hard enough even when we’re healthy!

        Dianne W

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