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      Sorry to keep bothering y’all, however, you seem to know the answers.
      In May my TSH was <.04 and T4 was 1.26, I went to an Endo and he said
      I was okay but he did blood work. Today he called and said my TSH is
      6.0 and my T4 was .66, the antibody blood work isn’t back yet. Has any
      one experienced this before? Could I just have an inflamed thyroid or
      is my thyroid in some sort of revolt? Has anyone had these symptoms
      before and everything turn out okay? Once again thank you. I know
      your problems are much more serious than mine but I sure would
      appreciate your input, experience, and suggestions. Thank you and
      Best wishes for all Toni

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        You don’t say whether you’re on ATD’s at all but either you’re taking too much medication or your thyroid is burning itself out! I had RAI treatment back in April and am waiting for my thyroid to do the same thing. Hopefully this means you are going into remission or else you’ll probably be on thyroid hormones like most people on this board.

        I hope that clarifies things a little bit.

        You can e-mail me with any questions.


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          Are you on ATDs or did you do the RAI thing? I have been on ATD’s for about two months and in that time went from hyper (TSH-undetectable) to hypo (TSH=7.76) so hyper to hypo with ATDs is very possible. As you may know, many people go hypo at some point following RAI so if you had RAI it may be time to start thyroid replacement therapy. Your doc probably knows best what’s going on.
          Hope that helps,

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