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      Hi guys,

      I’ve missed you. I’ve been out of town trying to forget Graves’. Unfortunately, it has gone everywhere I have…and I can’t forget.

      My throat is doing better, but my stomach is all out of whack. I am close to 7 (or is it 8) weeks post-rai (who can remember?), and my digestive system is giving me heck. I constantly feel hungry, with those really nasty hunger pangs. If I eat, my stomach aches, and I bloat with gas. No matter how little I eat, I still gain weight (I have gone from a size 10 to a size 18 in the past 8-10 months!) If I don’t eat, or I don’t eat enough, I get the jitters and I lose control of my arms and my legs–beyond the extent that they already twitch…

      I am wondering if I might not be having trouble with low blood sugar. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything similar. I would like to know what I might be able to do until I see the doctor in Sept. The Tums and the Pepto Bismo just aren’t cutting it.


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        Hi (particularly Manders),
        In May of this year I was 113 lbs (a size 3). Today I am 145 lbs. (size 11). I was just diagnosed as Hyperthyroid and will be getting a Thyroid scan on Thursday. I have been jittery (more like shaking) since April. I am not sure when it started but that was when my boss mentioned it. I have been thin all my life and now I am itchy all the time. I have gone as far as bleeding from the scratching. I am hungry all the time. I have always been hungry. But now, I eat about 20 times a day. If I don’t eat I get hunger pangs.
        I am hoping that I will be treated someday and lose the weight. Does anyone know if it will happen?
        Has anyone who has been treated has had a child? I want to have children someday, so I am trying to figure what is my best option.

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          Hi everyone! I was taken off synthroid the last week of August because the medecine was making me stay hyperthhyroid. Since then I have received a blood test that indicates that I am very close to being thoroughly hypothyroid. I have also gained close to 15 pounds since I’ve been off the medecine. I also had the RAI done and gained ten pounds that I had lost, but that was back in May. My concern is this, I am normally not a very heavy person. I also exercise and find it very hard to run now do to the excessive weight. I’m about to get water pills from the doctor because I retain water very badly. I also have puffy eyelids, fingers an face. My vision blurrs frequently and I always feel tired. Do you think that If I was put back on synthroid now and keep exercising that I could lose weight that I gained? Do you think that it’s to soon to get the medecine now because my levels are still in the normal range though extremely close to hypothyroid levels? Any input received would be helpful. Thanks, Lisa

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            Hi Everyone,

            Does anyone else with Graves eye disease also get headaches when
            they find their eyes are hurting alot? I’ve noticed that when
            I over work my eyes so to speak, like reading or to much computer
            use! my eyes start to bother me I also get a pounding headache.
            This occurs sometimes to in the morning. If I wake up with pain
            in my eyes my head is throbbing also. It’s sort of like a tension
            headache that hurts all over.

            Love to all,

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              Lisa-You sound hypo with the edema. Your MD should consider your symptoms-not just your semi-normal blood levels-Hopefully you will be put back on Synthroid soon. You probably feel too sluggish to run (I have run with 50 extra lbs from pregnancy so 10 lbs shouldn’t slow you down too much-being hhpo will)
              Sue R-K

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                I found out I had Graves disease about two years ago and at the same time went into remmission with no treatment. The doctor said I have had Graves for many years because my thyroid shows damage on those tests.(cat scans etc.) I have continuously put on weight approximately 50 pounds all together and can’t lose the weight even though I excercise, does anyone have any suggestions? Also, even though I am in remission I still have alot of the symtoms.(heart pounding, nervous etc. but am very tired all the time. I have been very thin my whole life and energetic. I tried a no fat, sugar or starch diet and I didn’t feel well. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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                  Since I was diagnosed last May and given PTU, I have gained
                  approximately 8 pounds. While this doesn’t sound like a great
                  deal, when you consider I am 5″2 and very small boned, I can’t
                  gain more than 3 pounds without feeling (and, in my opinion, looking)
                  like a whale. Anyway, I now weigh 120 and should weigh about 110-112.
                  I thought once I had the surgery and went on Synthroid I would level
                  off and because I’m not hungry much of the time, I would lose the
                  extra pounds. It hasn’t happened. I eat so little and have joined
                  a health club and work out a minimum of an hour a day. How do
                  you suggest I get rid of the pounds? Any suggestions would be
                  very much appreciated. I am feeling great other than the weight.
                  Thanks for your time.

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                    I gotta tell you, your post is almost verbatim to the one I posted a few months ago. I too am very small 4’11” and have gained 15 pounds during my graves adventure. I realize I am doing much better than most as I hear others usually gain between 40 – 60 lbs, however, on someone as short as I am, every lb can look like 5. Well, the bottom line is, I did the work out thing, watched what I ate and was determined I would loose that extra weight. No success. I have been on a thyroid replacement since June, so that should have been plenty of time for my body to get back to where it was with the help of the levoxyl, but it isn’t. So, what’s a person to do.?

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                      I have found, after RAI, that the only thing that will take the weight off and keep it off, on top of watching what I eat and exercising at least by walking, if FLUIDS! Sounds crazy, but I believe a lot of the weight is the weight we get when our systems are not processing excess fluids. I drink a lot of water, and a lot of tea, which is a natural diuretic. I drink decaffeinated tea because of my breast lump problem, but I still get the benefits of the diuretic action. At first, you will think you are going to live in the bathroom. But, once your body gets used to the extra fluid, it will adjust. It sounds crazy, but our bodies need more fluid to flush the excess fluids out of our tissues! Never understood it completely, just know that it works for me and several others I know.

                      Try it and let me know if it helps.

                      Mitakuye Oyasin

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