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      To all,

      We deleted a poem posted by a regular of this board which had quite a
      bit of language which could be considered offensive by many. While it
      is generally our policy to not interfere with the overall flow of the
      bulletin boards, we do try to maintain some standards online. While we
      may personally find some things posted on this board non-offensive, we
      still must police the board to eliminate anything that may be considered
      obscene. We want to maintain all the bulletin boards as a useful
      resource for all. If you must share what might be considered racy
      material, please do so in private and only to people that you KNOW will
      not be offended.

      Generally, we try to handle matters like this in private (deleting the
      messages before they are seen or commented on), but because someone
      already posted a reply to the message in question, we felt it was only
      proper that everyone know what had occurred.

      If you have any questions regarding the policies of this bulletin board,
      please read our FAQ at


      Annette Hensley

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