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      My first Endo(who I”m not seeing any more)said he would refuse to give me PTU because it wasn’t recommended for anyone over 40 and latest studies say over 30. Plus he said some frightening things about side effects. Now I hear that some of you are over 50 and doing quite well on PTU and ect.Still whenever I read a post about some problem,I want to know if that person is taking one of those drugs or if they had RAI. I want to read the survey!! Would it help if when someone complains of certain problems,that they mention at that time what meds they are on? Are certain complaints PTU related? Are they after RAI? How are most of you doing on synthroid? If it helps anyone,My experience after RAI was a very gentle transition from hyper to hypo.It took about a month or so and my Endo appointment coinsided with my just starting to be hypo.The dose he gave me to start was good at first, then I needed some fine tuning.I understand that after RAI it takes each person a different amount of time to come down from hyper to hypo,so be patient and keep getting tested.Hopefully you can catch it before getting too hypo. I am seeing my new Endo soon. I will get her feedback RE: the drugs. Best wishes to you all…..Gwen

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