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      Hi Everyboby ,
      I’ve just found this support group. While having GDeye disease
      for more then 4yrs ( on my 3rd eye surgery this tuesday) . I would
      like to know how others with the eye disease have been able to cope
      ( work , shopping ,social events etc.) with peers looking at you
      as a different person.


        Post count: 93172

        Hi Dawn! I wish I could help you dealing with the strange looks you get but I can only
        say I know how you feel. My eyes are protruded out and they stick out like a Christmas
        Trees in May. I sure get some strange looks! I read on this BB that makeup helps. I
        think the only thing that could help me is if mask become styleish. I have not had any
        surgery yet and the doctor approached me with the idea of sewing my eyes shut yesterday.
        I am assuming you meant decompression surgery when you stated surgery. Please keep
        me posted because I was under the impression that this type surgery gets you back to
        looking close to normal once again. I recently retired hoping to try and keep a stress free
        life as much as possible hoping this might get my eye to do better without surgery. I felt
        very insecure dealing with the public, memory loss, tiredness, strange looks. I don’t think
        any of the times I explain what GD was that anyone ever heard of it. What helped was
        everyone has heard of Barbara Bush who has Graves disease. It’s to bad she is not part
        of our BB, I can surely understand how she is a much admired gracious first lady. I am
        sure she could give us all some words of inspiration. Margie

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