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      Would like to hear from someone about how long and how do you know when you are out of the active stage of Graves Eye Disease. My Endo said in two to three years that it would run it course. That hasn’t been the case.
      Had eye problems for two years before the rai.
      Had rai in Jan of 1994 been on prednisone off and on for doulbe vision but haven’t taken any since Dec. 96. When I went to my endo in March 97 my left eye has gone from 20 to 22. Right eye stayed the same at 22. Still have double vision, loss of eye movement, swelling, and irritation but can function as long as it doesn’t get worse. My ophthalmolist (will see Sept 5) doesn’t like to give prednisone unless you absolutely need to take it. Don’t remember what his mearsurements were. They are higher than that the endo measures. I had just taken it for granted that this would come to an end. Started looking up information since it hasn’t leveled out.
      Called about radiation treatments and I have had this too long. They like to use radiation in early stages.
      Would like to get on with the next treatments to get rid of the puffy buldging eyes and see about what can be done for the double vision.
      Thanks for the help and I have learned alot from everyone.

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