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      Hello All,

      We admit that we just found this site. I am Duane, a Computer Programmer and constant worry-wort. My wife, Victoria, was diagnosed Hyperthyroid sometime around August 96. Our family doctor first sent us to an Oncologist to setup the Radioactive Iodine treatment (RAI?) but after talking to her brother who is also a doctor, we got a second opinion from an Endocrinologist. He explained that the success rate for anti-thyroid medicines is not good, but we’ll try anyway. Well, that was just a little background. My questions: how long have any of you all been on the anti-thyroid medicines? Did you give up and go RAI or did it go into remission? Any tips/tricks for bringing her levels down? They seem to jump up and down quite a bit. Her Tapazole dosage has been anywhere from 10mg to 30mg a day. Are we on the mild, moderate, or severe side of things? Has anyone tried the alternative stuff: negative ions, foot massage (acupressure), herbs, etc?

      We appreciate any help or advice we are given. Although it’s a bad thing to say, I (Duane) also feel much better knowing we’re not going through this alone. My wife is 32 in case that has any bearing on things.

      Duane (& Victoria)

      Please E-mail any advice as well as post in case we can’t get through to this site.
      Email: (Victoria’s account obviously ;)

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