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      Would you say after treatment for Grave’s you feel better or just learn
      ing to live with the way you feel?

      What treatments did you get and what meds are you on now?

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        A little of both, I guess. I was diagnosed in 1982 and received RAI, then on synthroid since then. Physically I feel pretty good most ofthe time. Two years ago the double vision began and I had a series of surguries to correct that. It is still not good but I manage with prisms in my glasses.My eyes are very red and sore all the time and I guess that’s the part I am learning to live with. Good luck to you.

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          I always feel better while being treated. There are some things I know I can not change and just deal with them and go on with my life. I am on PTU and as most everyone knows, it tastes bad, but it is better than being really sick or dead!

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            In answer to the first question, I think it’s a bit of both. I do feel better, but at the same time, I know my tolerance for feeling crappy has increased a tremendous amount.

            Second question: First tried Tapazole. It worked, but it came back in a few months after I stopped taking it. Then I had 4.5 mc of RAI and went super duper hyper, like 600% normal or something, and after 4 or 5 months, I’m finally coming back down to earth. Meds I’m on now are Inderal, Bentyl, and Lomotil.

            Warm Fuzzies, Caroline

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              I’ve been taking synthroid in the mornings since I started taking it
              around seven months ago and that’s when I was told to take it, after
              breakfast! I use to take my vitamins in the morning which I now take
              in the evenings. Because the vitamins effect the synthroid absorption
              or something like that. Anyway I was always directed to take it in the
              morning. I was also told it takes a couple of days before your body
              really notices a change if you all of sudden quit taking it! But that
              probably depends on the individual. I do know your eating properely
              can really effect how you feel as well. I’ve been eating better for the
              past three months with steady exercise and have noticed alot more energy.
              I hope some of this helps…
              I’ll put a word of prayer in for you….
              Hang in there….

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