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    Hi Donna!

    If you are having some double vision (may be when you look to the side?), be sure you get an Ophthalmologist to check them out and keep track of how they do. It may or may not get worse but the doc can measure the proptosis (bug eye) to watch for changes. You also have a chance of secondary glaucoma which needs to be monitored. Glaucoma will usually show up first with Graves when you look up.

    Do ask for help from your friends and family. Tell them you don’t want sympathy (I hate that) but do accept their compassion and assistance.

    Also, work on your sense of humor about all this. Remember the Helen Keller quote “Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing at all”. This is just another adventure (I know, its a sucky one).

    Have those close to you watch for signs of depression. It can really sneak up on you!


    Post count: 93172

    Saw the endo yesterday and started the PTU. He isn’t real helpful
    answering questions about dealing with this. Since you all have so
    much more experience, can you help?

    How do you handle people’s comments about the trembling? – especially

    Do you know when the double vision is going to hit? Can you be
    prepared? I had double vision for a while a work yesterday – scared
    me and everyone around. What do you do when that happens?

    For anyone who has taken PTU – when do I start to feel better? When
    should I begin to worry if I don’t?

    How do you help your family help you but not treat you like a
    complete invalid?

    I really need some coping skills and I’m not doing very well.

    I am getting so much out of the bb. I’m sorry we are here, but I’m
    really glad I’m not alone.


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