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      I do not see a support group listed for Ohio and for that matter lots of states!

      I have to admit that by reading the BB I feel like I walked in at the middle of the movie but I usually can figure out the plot and the sub-plot!

      I started reading the BB and info on Graves when my eyes started going before that I thought I was fixed. So what that I was fatter, I have been there in my life before and it was not permanent!

      OK what do I need to do to start a support group? How much money do I need to invest? Who is the main contact person?

      Thanks in advance and you all have been great. Ya see I can talk now I am getting my energy back. I go back to work on Monday. I hope they don’t ask to many questions! Kinda funny trying to explain that I was tired and doctors could find no real reason. So what that I thought I was going to die. I guess until you have been there and back, life sure does have a different outlook!

      Michele Willoughby Ohio (near Cleveland)

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