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      E-mail me and I’ll give you the connections you need for a referal.


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        I feel uncomfortable with my doc. I was referred to him for my disease by a different opthal. This doc “specializes” in TED and GD. It took him less than 30 seconds to look at my cat-scan, he was bouncing 4 patients at a time when I was there, the appointment took over 2 hours, and I got no feeling of “compassion” from him.

        My question? How do I find another opthal who specializes in TED and GD? The yellow pages don’t exactly say “TED/GD Specialist”, now do they?

        I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan and don’t know where to go from here. Can anyone help?


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          Hello All,

          I’ve recently found this BB and had posted a question about Natural options for treating Graves.
          Thanks for all the responses!!! Now I have another question. I was told I had Graves
          4 months ago, but my endo said that it was mild and that I could continue breatfeeding (my
          daughter was 8 months at the time). Against the advise of my OBGYN I decided to continue to breatfeed and postpone treatment.
          (My endo had just said RAI, no other options).I went back last week to my endo (my daughter is now 11 months)ready for another
          set of blood tests and ready to take whatever medication necessary to curb this desease and the symtoms that I feel (like exelarated
          heart rate, swollen feet and fingers,intolerance to heat, feeling tired, etc.)

          He called today with the results and told me that I do not need any medication!!! So I wanted to
          post my blood results and would like your opinion (I know you are not doctors but you’ve all been throught it)on whether or not I should
          get the opinion of another endo or whether this one is making a good decision!! After reading some of the posts here, I am very
          weary of some decisions our doctors make. OK, so here are my results, please let me know your comments.

          I thank you all in advance for your help!! Just knowing you’re here has really helped.

          TSH= -.1
          T4 = 1.3
          T3 = 183

          God bless,

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            Did your doctor tell you what the reference numbers were for the tests? I think they vary for different labs. You should ask.

            Based on the reference numbers that I receive for my tests, your doctor seems right. When do you go back for a followup?

            Also, why did your doctor tell you there were no options other than RAI?

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              Hi, Mary!

              Congratulations on the possibility of remission! That’s very happy
              news if you indeed do not need any treatments at this time. :)

              Kathleen is right. Each lab has different reference ranges for normal
              levels. Although you may be off according to my lab, you could be well
              within the normal ranges for your lab. Once you’ve seen where your
              levels fall, you can decide if you’d like a second opinion or not.
              Of course, it never hurts to ask your doctor about his reasons for
              his recommendation.

              I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your endo is right – and chances are
              that he is!

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                Hi Mary:

                Did you have an uptake scan to diagnose your Graves? Probably not since you were breastfeeding. Also, were your original thyroid levels higher?

                I wonder if you didn’t just have a case of postpartum thyroiditis. If so, lucky you!!!!


                P.S. If you find out that it is PPT, I have lots of info on it for you.

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                  I have just heard from my insurance company and everything is a go for my orbital decompression surg. I have a wonderful Dr. however, I still think I should have a second opinion. My present Dr. is the only one in my area that performs this type of surg. Johns Hopkins is two hours away and I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences there?

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                    According to all indications we have, John Hopkins is the top eye hospital in the nation. Hope this helps in your decision. Personally, I would want the best I could get, as we only get one set of eyes!

                    Good Luck in your search and recovery,

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