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      Okay, this is what’s happened to me:
      Monday, I went to the emergency room and was wondering what to do about the dizziness,pain in the legs and overall freezing feeling. Doctor said I had an inner ear infection. NOpe, turned out to be an allergic reaction to NutraSweet.
      Another problem:
      A person at school implied that people with disabilities like mine (GD) shouldn’t apply for the credential program.. the one for special training for children with disabilities. She thinks that some of these people whould be “weeded out”. I don’t know about you guys but I take this as an insult!
      I have problems with professors too: They always look down at me when I have to go see the doctor. It’s like I can’t help what I cannot control.
      Then my nephew had to comment on my hair to my mother : Seems to him that I have TROLL HAIR. It’s not that I don’t like having insults hurled in my direction, but this is crazy! Oh, how about having your dentist believe that you use (street) drugs? OOH am I mad!
      So when am I gonna get some peace and quiet? Around the year 2000 when Clinton builds his bridge?

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        Ann Ann Ann,

        Troll Hair?!? Sounds like you are related to me in some way. Bad days happen.
        But when you have a week of mondays? I have been told on occasion tha I have troll
        hair so it struck a cord. Now I just wear my hair short. From your post is sounds
        like you a a collage student. Going to the university health folks? Educate your
        family and teachers you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Take Care


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          The person who suggested that you not apply for the credentials program for
          educating special needs kids may very well have been violating the Americans
          with Disabilities Act. If you are being kept from any career opportunities
          you may want to consult an attorney.

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