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      Hi Mary,
      Hashimoto’s Disease is another autoimmune disorder
      .The Thyroid becomes inflamed, It is inherited.
      It is caused by abnormal blood antibodies and white blood
      cells attacking thyroid cells. The absence of cells causes
      Hypothyroidism. It is most common in women over 40.
      Hope this helps a bit
      Lynn from Toronto

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        You can probably find info. on Hashimoto’s on the web. Dianne’s home page has some very good medical info. links.
        My mother has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (my maternal Grandfather had Graves’). Hashimoto’s is hypothyroidism in which the autoantibodies attack the thyroid tissue, causing it (sometimes) to build extra tissue around itself. This is an oversimplification, of course.
        My mother could not swallow, eventually, and had to have an operation to remove part of the tissue and her thyroid gland to alleviate her condition.
        The book, “Your Thyroid: A Home Reference” suggests that generations go back and forth between hypo- and hyper- conditions where there is a hereditary factor involved. I think that some of the posts on this board suggest otherwise, but it has held true in our family.

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          There’s a news group for general thyroid problems:

          There are a lot of folks there who are coping with Hashimoto’s, and they post occasional FAQ sheets about it. I would also assume that if you go to the Graves main board, and use the link to any of the various thyroid organizations, you could find good information, too.

          Good luck,


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            My sister was also diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s syndrome, but I can find no information on this syndrome at all !! Anybody have any info on if I can find this on the Web? or if anybody has this as well as GD. Help.. Thanks.. signed a concerned sister…

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