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      I was diagnosed with Graves in February of 2017.
      I did a year of meds. My T3 and T4 numbers came around pretty quickly. TSH took longer but is good now.
      My endo started weaning me off the meds about 6 weeks ago (February 2018). At my last appointment he said my function numbers are good but my antibody numbers are high. He decided to take me off meds and see what happens.

      TSH 2.22
      SGPT ALT 27
      Thyroid-Stimulating Immunoglobulin 2.4
      Thyroperoxidase Antibody 495.1

      Has anyone been through this? I don’t know what to expect. I would appreciate hearing from any voices of experience.


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        Hello and welcome! There is a significant risk that hyperthyroidism will recur if antibody levels are elevated, even if TSH, T3, and T4 are normal.

        If you and your doc have agreed on discontinuing the meds, just make sure you have regular followups scheduled to see if your levels are creeping hyper again. Also, pay attention to your body, and if you feel those old hyper symptoms coming back, definitely call the office to get in for labs ASAP!

        I took methimazole for 7 years and weaned off reeeeeaaallllly slowly. By the last year or so, I was taking just the *tiniest* crumb of meds (1/4 of a 5 mg tab) twice a week!

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          Thanks for your insight.

          It seemed to me that recurrence would be likely with the weird numbers, but my doc seems to think it will be ok. Here is to hoping! I really don’t want to do symptoms again. It scares me.

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