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      What a smart thing to do! When my endo started me on prednisone, etc he gave me no clue that I would have so much trouble in the future with weight gain. So great that you can head it off at the pass.

      Had friends that told me the extra weight looked good on me! Having my belly hang over my belt didn’t look so great to me tho.


        Post count: 93172

        I just wanted to find out if anyone else is seeing a nutrionist?? I
        had my first appointment yesterday with one. At my last appointment
        with my endo I told her that I was concerned about my weight and asked
        her for a diet and excercise program. I felt really stupid when she
        blew it off like I was crazy. She doesn’t seem at all worried that I’m
        a wreck over my weight. I didn’t gain all that much yet, but I have
        been going up and I wanted to do something before it got out of control.
        The nutritionist doesn’t think there will be a problem with getting me
        back down and maintaining my old weight. She is very supportive, spent
        an hour with me in her office. She let me tell her exactly how I felt
        about the weight gain and she was so understading. I am so glad that I
        went to see her, even if the diet doesn’t work as well as we expect it
        felt good to talk to her. That meant the world to me.
        So does anyone see a nutritionist? Please let me know :>:>


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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