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      Just want to wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the three day weekend. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve actually been feeling a bit better. Hooray! I’m so thrilled! I’m eating real food in small quantities. I’m still scared of trying red meat, but I’ll get there eventually. :-) I went out to dinner for Valentine’s Day a day late, since my boyfriend worked on Friday night, and I ate Swiss food. I was so excited to be able to order almost anything. Plus, I drank a glass of wine. The first alcohol I’d had in months. Not to say that drinking is a necessity, but I do miss the occasional drink. I actually felt slightly normal.

      I saw my endo last week and had blood work done. I’m waiting for the results. Maybe my free T4 has gone down. I don’t know. I’m still losing weight, but not at such a fast rate.

      I hope everyone is feeling loved. This is the greatest BB in the world and I’m sending a big warm fuzzy to all of you! :-)


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        Just wanted to jump in and say hay!!! Work has been a killer. I have been
        reading the posts even if I don’t post as much as I used to. I have taken
        to answering more of the posts by e-mail as opposed to taking up BB space.

        Been having a lot of e-mial from overseas. Looks like we are just starting
        to show up on their browsers ??? But anyway lots of oversease visiters and
        e-mails. Does anyone know about Chinise herbs to help with the meds??

        Drop me a note and let me know. I will try to be on the chat tonight.

        Love to all Achgook

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          Things with Kirk are better. He’s pretty much back to normal. Thank goodness. It was really getting difficult dealing with someone as volatile as me. ;-) (Taught me a lesson, too!) Anyway, he was released from the hospital on 3/26. He didn’t tell his parents. He didn’t have to. He’s 23 and therefore not really answerable to anyone. I picked him up, nervous, but happy. Anyway, his parents have now banned me from the house because I am “turning him against them.” Yeah, right. If anything, I know that relations with parents are vital to anyone’s health, mental or otherwise. They’re calling me a liar and all kinds of other juicy words that I shouldn’t post here. It’s awful. I haven’t had people be so mean to me since I was in grade school. I didn’t think adults were capable of such behavior.

          Since his release, Kirk has steadily improved. He’s very angry with his parents and they think that it’s the mania. If my parents did the same crap to me, I’d be just as angry. He’s finally stopped taking his anger out on me. I never considered myself a patient person, but maybe I’m not as volatile as I used to be.

          Anyway, things with me are okay. I’m anxiously awaiting my appointment with my endo. Hopefully, the blood results will be good news. I’ll keep everyone posted…

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            My in-laws (who are now deceased) were like that. Very controlling and
            any plans we had were considered a reason to blame me and say I was
            keeping him away from them. I think when kids aren’t kids anymore some
            parents try anything they can to keep them dependent (and keep them from
            anyone helping them forge their independence).

            I hope your Endo appt goes well. I see my Internist on Monday. I’m in a weird
            situation. I think I have a lot of hypo symptoms…and according to my
            blood work I’m getting on the low-thyroid end of the range, but when the
            dosage of PTU gets cut…I feel it big time. Can’t win.

            Meanwhile, I got to feel normal anxiety instead of Graves’ induced anxiety.
            My husband’s company is giving the shaft to everyone royally. We’re planning on
            moving to Colorado anyhow, but they had promised all kinds of things to
            get Pat and a few other supervisors to move to Ohio. NOW they want to stick it
            to them…the salary would be the same (they originally promised more), even though the cost of living there is
            more than twice as high. They’ve reneged on paying moving expenses and they
            want to take their seniority away and make them train THEIR new bosses to do THEIR jobs!!
            AND they would go back to square one as far as all the vacation time they’ve earned in the past 10 years.
            Big corporate America ROTS. So now, we don’t have a “choice” we’re going to take the
            Colorado job and be even further away from family and friends. AAGH. It’s so fun to go
            throught this garbage and have three little kids and an exciting disease.

            Things’ll look better tomorrow, I just have to be patient…and we
            learn a great deal about patience with this disease, don’t we?

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              Yikes. Sounds like a nightmare. I’m glad my life is relatively simple. I’m lucky, I guess. Living with my parents while I get this disease under control has been my sanity. My heart goes out to you. I hope things work out okay.

              Best wishes to you and your family. :-)

              Warm Fuzzies, Caroline

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