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      Hello to everyone, glad to find support group on the net!
      Boy, sure have alot of questions that could use your answers!
      I’ve been living with this great disease for 1 yr now and have
      been on one big emotional roller coaster! Was told that I was hyper–
      after having my 2nd child (developed GD during my pregnancy) lost
      20 lbs fast and shook like a shaky leaf in a wind storm. ILL TEMPERED
      and ready to rage out at any given time. Just turned 29 yrs old and
      should have happiness but instead pure grief at times. I believe in
      our Lord Jesus Christ and have depended on Him to supply my needs and
      although it has been very hard–He is still here for me I know!

      3 mths after RAI (low dose radioactive iodine) but just learned my new
      test results show Hypo — TSH 46.0 very high (norm range .4 – 6.0)
      After reading thru this BB, some of you say that the road may still be
      hard ahead. Wouldn’t you think that with all of this advanced health
      junk – that they would be able to regulate the hormone dosages per
      person? I’ve just been prescribed the hormone Eltroxin. Now, I’m
      going to have to wait and see if I will go Hyper again?!?! This is a
      joke. Can someone tell me please, Does Arthritis, Diabetes, Ptosis and
      Asthma have something to so with GD? (I guess I best not complain then
      right?) I’m getting kinda irritable again just thinking about this!


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