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      I would like for someone to post the way that they contracted this disease. I am a high school student, and I would like to know more.
      Thank You!

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        I was diagnosed with Graves in July of last year and have been on PTU
        for most of the time since then. For the past two months my T4 has been
        in the normal range. I had never been one to rely on drugs before but I
        have seen positive results with PTU and know that it is helping.
        I have a friend who practices Chinese medicine. I wanted to wait
        until my levels were under control before I saw him. For one thing,
        by doing many things at once, I wouldn’t be able to tell which was doing
        what for me/to me. I have been doing yoga for people with special needs
        and have just begun taking herbs. I intend to continue taking the PTU.
        I have no illusions about trying to treat my thyroid with herbs. On
        the contrary: I am trying to treat the rest of me with herbs. As so
        many of the postings illustrate, our bodies are systems,not isolated
        I realize the effects of the thyroid on the metabolism. What I am
        trying to achieve with herbs is to strengthen the rest of my body, to
        treat it as a whole. I hope to improve my digestive system so that I can
        absorb the nutrients I need to get my healthy body back. From what my
        friend has told me, Chinese medicine wouldn’t seek to cure my thyroid
        problem. It looks atthe bigger picture and tries to bring it back
        towards a balance.
        Now that I am feeling better, I know I will have to resist the
        temptation to do lots of things at once in an effort to get to where I
        was. I know that too many things can stir up the pot. I will be care-
        ful. I do think the rest of my body needs attention though.
        ON ANOTHER NOTE: I am traveling to Oregon next week to look for a
        place to live. Does anyone know of any endocrinologists there who
        1. are friendly and communicative and 2. know a lot about Graves?
        If you know of someone, could you please e-mail me? Thanks!

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          This disease is genetic in origin and you cannot ‘catch it’ from anyone
          else. It is a bad gene … somewhere on a chromosome. Onset is often
          effected by stress.
          Everyone in my family has it, but many experience it and know no one in
          there families within recent generations that have had it. It usually
          shows up in women at puberty, prgnancy, and post menopause so there is
          thought to be a connection with estrogen. About 8 times as many women
          have it as men.
          Any other quuestions?

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