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      I just had some test results faxed over to me from the thyroid specialist that I went to a couple of weeks (I’m very frustrated because they got the results a week ago, never called, when I called I was told that the doctor said “you’re fine”, and they only faxed me a copy after 4 phone calls). Needless to say, there’s no interpretation around these results, and who knows when the doctor will find the time to discuss it with me (for this I paid $1100!!!!)

      Anyway, the tests seem similar to others I’ve had, but some of the test ranges are weird. If anyone can help me understand what I’ve got here, while I wait for the doctor to call, I’d greatly appreciate it.

      These tests were done 2 1/2 weeks after I went back on 5 mg./day of methimazole, after a 2 month break where my TSH dropped down to almost 0, but I felt pretty good. At the time these tests were done, I felt lousy — really sluggish and tired.

      Here goes:

      TSH-ICMA: 0.37 Reference: 0.3 – 4.6
      (Note: 2 days later I had a TSH test from my regular endo. The result was 0.770, with a reference range of 0.35 – 5.5)

      T3RIA: 96 Reference: 75-222
      (I think I understand this one — the range just a little higher than the T3 range on my previous tests)

      FT3: 85 Reference: 75 – 222
      (I’ve never had a free t3, don’t understand why the range would be the same as regular T3)

      T3UR: 1.13 Reference .88 – 1.15
      (don’t have a clue what this means. My guess is that it’s a “t3 uptake ratio” calculated by dividing T3RIA/FT3 — 96/85.)

      FT4: 6.2 Reference: 4.5 – 13.2
      (I’ve had Free T4 tests before, but the range has always been MUCH lower — 0.68 – 1.8. The reference range here is comparable to the total T4 range I usually see. As a point of comparison, the FT4 that my regular endo did 2 days later was 0.82 vs range of .68 – 1.8)

      T4RIA: 7.0 Reference: 4.5 – 13.2
      (seems comparable to other T4 tests I’ve had done.

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        I have the same problem as you..but a bit more complicated. I had RAI 5 months ago..went hypo 8 weeks later, then after 3 overdoses on Synthroid, was told the Graves had returned. I was put on 10 mil. Tapazole..within 3 weeks I became Hypo. I was taken off everything for 1 week and the lab came back “normal” approx the same figures as you..but I feel really lousy! I thought once your levels are right you feel better! They re-started me on 5 mil Tapazole..3 days later I still am tired, cant sleep, brain know the rest! I fail to understand whats going on and am really dissapointed now!! Has anyone else ever felt lousy with a “normal” lab? Should I stay on the Tapazole?
        Will this ever end?
        Im so glad this BB is back!! My best wishes to everyone.

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          My endo was pretty sympathetic when I went to see her 3 weeks ago. Like you I had RAI in April and finally went hypo in June. She put me on one tablet of Synthroid but it wasn’t enough – my TSH was up to 33!

          When I was telling her how lousy I felt she understood and said that since my TSH was practically nonexistent for so long I was going to feel lousy. Your body isn’t used to all those changes. I heard with some people that it can a couple of years for all parts of the thyroid to burn itself out – so you may be in for more of a roller coaster ride.

          Sorry I can’t give you better news than that.

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            Hi Vikki,
            I just came from yet ANOTHER doctor appointment today. I had RAI about three years ago and never did go hypo and have not been on any replacement therapy. My blood results have always been on the high side of normal. Today they were on the low side but still well within the normal range. I asked the doctor why I always felt so tired and lousy when my results were within the normal range. She stated that I have a chronic illness which is very stressful and can cause many side effects.

            Right now I’m taking time each day to do some self-help reading and trying to eat and exercise to improve myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I think when one is sick and feels lousy for a long period of time it tends to take over your life.

            Hope you feel better soon,

            Take care, SAS

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