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      A few months ago I had such terrible itching I thought
      for sure I would go insane. A lot of people emailed
      me with suggestions that did’nt work for me. I tred
      the very best moisturizers, still no relief.
      My GP subscribed a medication that provided instant
      relief after only one night. I can’t mention the
      name of the medication on the bb but if anyone is
      interested in it email me and then you can ask your
      doctor if it may be of some benefit to you.
      My doctor first gave me some samples of an antihistimine
      and it never did a thing for the itching, just made me
      very drousy!


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        Please e-mail me the name of this!!! I sometimes itch so badly that I tear the skin!!

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          I don’t know if there is a medical term for it, but the thyroid hormone has something to do with keeping the texture of the skin. If you notice the skin on you back and face is a little bit softer than the skin on the knee and elbows. Anyway, since the chemical balance is off your skin loses moisture more quickly. Try the remedies that I gave in the previous dry skin posting. Let me know if it helps. Jetta

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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