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      Well my friends out ther in Graves land, made a two and one half hour drive
      to the endo today to find out I may have to have another small dose of RAI.,
      increased my dose of Inderal, told me to be cool that my hair should
      start comming back in about 3 months, I didn’t gain any more weight which
      was good (I feel 35 pounds is enough), also my red blood count is down,
      don’t know why, my blood pressure is up and I am wore out from driving.
      I have to go back in 2 months.
      I ask her by having the RAI, did that mean my Graves would be gone…
      wrong, just will help with my symtoms. I don’t know if I should cry,
      giggle, or go eat every thing I can find!

      Thanks for listening,


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