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      Hello everyone,

      I am now considered in remission. I have only been on heart meds for two weeks now.

      I was hyperthyroid reading at 45 on a scale with upper limit of 12.

      My dr took me off all PTU when he saw my TSH was 10.

      he said that meant the pituitary was beginning to put out hormone again.

      It seems I ossilate from being normal to being hypo to being hyper.

      It depends. my hands at times feel extremely dry and so do my feet. Other times they feel normal.

      I am just so tired at times. It has been 7 months since I was dxd.

      has anyone else experienced similar symptoms?

      I would be interested to hear what happened.
      Annette Marie

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        Hi Annette Marie,

        I’m happy to hear from you. I have officially gone hypo too. My endo visit was last Friday and I snuck a peek at my labs. My TSH was up to 22! I am now off of PTU, in fact she put me on one thyroid hormone pill a day.

        I too have been feeling really tired. Some of it is due to interrupted sleep because of my 2-year old. Also, my menstrual cycle seems to be speeded up – I didn’t keep a calendar but it seems like I started only 3 weeks after the last one. If it doesn’t get better in a few months I guess I’ll have to call the endo about it.

        My brain fog was really bad last week too – but I think it is starting to get a little better now that I’m off of PTU. I don’t know if I’ll get more hyper again- the endo wants to see me in 2 months to get a blood test and recheck everything.

        Let’s hope we both stabilize real soon.

        E-mail me anytime you need a sympathetic ear.



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          sorry I didn’t reply sooner. When I went to get to the bb
          I found I couldn’t get in.

          Right now I have been off the PTU for about 1 month. Doesn’t seem that long.

          People and relatives ( like relatives aren’t people..haha..) say that I
          look better. However I feel like I am a sloth and can’t think easily.
          It seems like I am thinking in water. I mean just like it
          is difficult to move fast in water it is difficult to
          thinking quickly. Even when I get rest enough the feeling doesn
          t last. It last for maybe an hour then I am tired again.

          I went and got some blood drawn today and I see the dr on
          thursday. I am in all probablity going to get the
          RAI because I don’t want to go through this again.

          So I will see. Aren’t you tired of feeling tired? I know I am.

          take care,
          Annette Marie

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