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      I’m still hyper after my I-131, docs discovered pelger-huet in my wbc and not sure if its inherited (access gentic garabage) or acquired (little more seroius). Been going back and forth with that for the last 2 months. Then they discovered a lump in my throat (possibly cancerous). Had a CAT scan done and the follow-up showed enlarged lymph glands in my head/throat and the lump was arond 5 cms or so. They tried a fine needle exraction, didn’t work and hurt real bad. Throat hurt for or a week fromn that one. They been tring to schedule me for surgury to do the needle thing again or biopsy or the tissue. It was postponed last week because of my irregular heartbeat and they wanted more blood (the blood sucking vampires they are) I looked like a drugie with track marks on both arms hahah. Was suppose to go in again for the surgury this thursday but the ENT tech called cancelling it. Said I was still hyper andthe ENT doc wanted to send me to the Internal Doc (talking about do not pass go, do not collect $200, go back to the starting point) so the ENT doc is suppose to call me today and discuss it with me.

      Since I lost Mirc I’ve had a hard time getting to the chat rooms so all this has been building up. Sorry for dumping all this on ya’ll. But I needed to unload a bit today and your all I got. Thanks I’ll try to keep in better touch so as not to do anymore serious downloads like this one. bye

        Post count: 93172

        My name is Bill. I am new to this forum and I also suffer from Graves. I will be posting more about myself soon, just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi.

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