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      My heart is racing at 154, I took my Inderal and still it’s racing. My jerks went away for a day but they’re back again tonight. I also after three days with web trouble and AOL found out that the web had a bug in AOL’s design so I had to delete AOL and re-install it and I lost so many things. I couldn’t believe today that Charles picked up Diana’s body and left her at the airport then took off for Scotland. Why didn’t he have his family take the boys back to England so they could say good bye to her? How cold he was doing this. She deserves to be treated even in death with more warmth and love. She worked so hard for her children to grow up normal and to show them what life was really like, She did so much for this entire world and Charles was so cold. Please excuse my rantings, my heart is now skipping beats like his is.

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