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      Greeting all you Graves disease warriors!!

      Just got great news from the DOC. Heart is OK and sound as a limestone rock.
      Just kidding. Said I was doing well and it was probably a stomach thing.
      Been reading the posts and you are all doing a great job. I will be off work

      for a few days due to throwing my back out. Today is the first time I ever
      had electro shock treatment for a back problem. Wish he would have warned me
      what it was like I damn near pissed my pants when he hit me with the electricity.
      I had to go to the head when I went in there and he almost made me loose it.
      He couldn’t figure out why I was laughing when he shocked me. Hum… Must be
      a Graves thing. Kind of liked it after I got used it the tingle. It did make
      my back feel better. Well folks got to go and answer some mail.

      I wish you peace

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