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      Hi Jake,

      I have the FEHB, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan, since Jan., which is a PPO and
      as far as I know it is still being offered and not pulled. It
      is about 49.46 bi weekly for a single plan, and about 67.00,
      for a family plan bi-weekly. It is a very good plan especially since
      most all of my doctor’s are part of the PPO. It is expensive especially when our healthcare used
      to be free.

      Insurance is a necessity with especially Graves’ problems that can arise.

      Have a nice day!

        Post count: 93172

        A few weeks ago I posted a message that many health care providers were going to drop out of the Federal Goverment Health plan. These were plans that federal employees could choose from in their area. What it boiled down to was most all HMO and PPO plans decided not to provide services to Government employees. The reason was the Government told the providers that they had to provide services across the board and not pick and choose what they would or would not cover. For example if they covered doctor visits at 75% but visits to mental health professionals at 45% or not at all they had to cover the mental health at the same level as regular visits. The providers stated cost as a factor and dropped out.

        Here is the list. Now it is ONLY EFFECTING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES!!! NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC, but it may make your rates increase if you have one of these providers and you are not a Govenment employee since the pool of uses will decrease.

        The following plans are dropping out of the FEHB (Federal Employee Heath Benefit)in 1999: Alliance Health Care Network (Pennsylvania); BACE (Washington, DC); BlueChoice Healthcare Plan (Georgia); CIGNA HealthCare Mid-Atlantic (Washington, DC area); CIGNA of Ohio (Ohio); Community Blue (New York); Community Health Plan Plus (South Dakota); Companion HealthCare (South Carolina); Exclusive Healthcare (Kansas and Missouri); Exclusive Healthcare (Nevada); Exclusive Healthcare (Texas); FHP Illinois (Illinois and Indiana); Foundation Health Oklahoma (Oklahoma); Green Bay Health Protection Plan (Wisconsin); Harris Methodist Health Plan (Texas); Healthsource Arkansas (Arkansas); Healthsource Georgia (Georgia); Healthsource Ohio (Ohio); Healthsource TN (Tennessee); Health Advantage (Arkansas); HMO Maine (Maine); HMO Blue (Idaho); and HMSA’s Community Health Program (Hawaii).
        Also, HPC Health Plans of Georgia (Georgia); Healthplan Southeast (Florida); IHC SelectMed (Utah); Integrity Health Plan (Mississippi); Matthew Thornton Health Plan (New Hampshire); Maxicare Illinois (Illinois); Maxicare North Carolina (North and South Carolina); Maxicare Northern California (California); Maxicare Wisconsin (Wisconsin); MD Health Plan (Connecticut); Medfirst Health Plans (Louisiana); Medica Primary (Minnesota); North Central Health Protection Plan (Wisconsin); NYLCare Health Plans of Midwest (Illinois); NYLCare Health Plans of NY (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut); Ochsner Health Plan (Louisiana); Oxford Health Plans-CT (Connecticut); Oxford Health Plans-NYC (New York); Oxford Health Plans-PA (Pennsylvania); Physicians Health Services of NJ (New Jersey); Preferred Health Network (Washington, DC and Maryland); Premier Blue (Kansas); PrimeCare Health Plan (Wisconsin); Principal Health Care of Nebraska (Nebraska); Principal Health Care of Texas (Texas); Prudential HealthCare HMO (Central Indiana); QualChoice (Ohio); QualChoice of VA (Virginia); and QualMed Oregon Health Plan (Oregon).
        Also, Southern Health Services (Virginia); Suburban Health Plan (Connecticut); United HealthCare of AR (Arkansas); United HealthCare of CA (California); United HealthCare of GA (Georgia); United HealthCare of IL (Illinois); United HealthCare of LA (Louisiana); United HealthCare of MS (Mississippi); United HealthCare of NY (New York); United HealthCare of TN (Tennessee); and United HealthCare of TX (Texas).

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