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      Inoticed you are from Toronto,Canada Ihope that is. If you don’t mind who is your doctor there as I’am from Peterborough and am left to be alone with this eye disease and it is at a terrible time,with them right now they seem to be getting worse I just wonder if you had any surgerys and who did them.thanks alot I really appreciate this help from you.Barb

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        To everyone on this very special BB
        Happy Valentines Day!!
        Hugs and Love to all
        I went to my endo on Monday and he said my levels were a little low
        and he adjusted my dosage and I don’t have to go back for a YEAR!!!!
        I am feeling pretty good except for a mild depression which Dr. says is stress related.
        I have had lots of that at work and I think I have a very
        huge case of the February Blahs!!
        I need to get out in my Garden and dig….:)
        Mark helped with that by giving me a beautiful Miniature Rose
        Bush for Valentines..
        Hope everyone has a Great Day!!
        Luv LynnthePB From Toronto.

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          I just wanted to say Happy Valentines DAy to all my new Friends.You all have been so great.. I am so happy that I found this BB…I thought I was all alone in this war I am having with my body..It is so great to have the support from people who really know what I am going through… I think my family and friends really don’t understand me anymore. Well any way hope everyone enjoys their day.. Remember Just Don’t Give Up.. It will get better in time, time, time.. and all we really have is Time..

          Your Freind JoJo

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