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      Good Morning,
      The last few days it has been pointed out to us some articles in
      two magazines about Graves’ disease. I think that is great! Public
      awareness is important. I read recently too that there is a mobile
      traveling in the US that goes out and offers thyroid testing.

      I read the article in Newsweek; and I am wondering why they do not point ou
      a major symptom of Graves’ disease and that is the EYES.
      I will check out Redbook! I haven’t seen the article in Redbook
      but the article in Newsweek fails to discuss the most imortant aspect
      which involves our sight. Maybe if we write letters to the editor just
      thanking them for taking an interest that can help. These publications
      are online too. The e-mail for Newsweek is:

      Have a great day,

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