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      I just found this BB about two weeks ago. After living “alone” with this disease for over two years finding all of you has been a blessing. Thanks to this BB I have learned more about GD in the past 2 weeks than the last 2 years. Thanks for all the information and support you have provided. I want to wish everyone a very prosperous, HEALTHY 1997!

        Post count: 93172

        Want to send my best wishes for a Happy, HEALTHY, New Year (whenever
        you celebrate it!) to all my friends on the BB. I don’t know about you,
        but this has been one of those years I’m glad to see leave and don’t
        ever want to do over again!

        My thought for the day – my own personal philosophy. “Knowledge is
        power, but ignorance of the future is bliss.” If I’d known at the
        beginning of this year that I would have back surgery and GD, I’d
        probably have slit my throat.

        On a somber note for those of you know about Fritz (my Abysinnian
        kitten who snuggled and cuddled and kept me laughing through recovery
        from the surgery and during the GD), he had surgery Friday for a torn
        anterior cruciate ligament in his knee and didn’t make it. I feel like
        my heart is in pieces. My husband bought me a beautiful 8 week old,
        Bengal on Sunday. I named her ‘Ali’. She’s a snow with black marbling
        and thinks I’m her mommy. She helps a lot, but it’s going to take a
        while. I really didn’t need this to add to the GD emotional roller
        coaster. At least all my human family is healthy!

        Just re-read what I wrote. I’m sorry it’s such a downer, but I needed
        to vent a little.


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