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      Happy New Year To All,

      Thanks for being part of our 1996 and the start of
      We hope to offer even more services to you in the upcoming year.

      Wishing you and yours the best in 1997,

      Annette & Archie Hensley

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        I’ve had Graves for 7 years, RAI six years ago–boy do I wish this BB
        was around–After reading it I know I wasn’t as crazy as I thought–it
        got to the point I was embarassed/afraid/intimidated to mention things
        to my doctor–like itching–had it for years–never mentioned it. I
        have truly learned more about Graves in the week since I have found this
        BB than all other books/doctors/friends in the last seven years. I am
        truly greatful to have found it and for the support I have gotten so far.
        Hope I can help others too!! Happy New Year to all. Denny

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          Happy New Year Everyone! Hope this new year gets better for all of you. I pray for patience, perseverance, strength, and staying positive for all of us. Patience

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            Well, we’ve passed the East Coast’s New Year, and our power (on the West Coast) is still on, so perhaps life will be just as usual in the morning, 1/1/2000. I just wanted to send my wishes for a Happy and Peaceful, Joyful New Year (and all the years we see in the 2000 century) to all of you. FINALLY I’m online at home! ahhh.

            Much love to all who visit here,

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