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    My heart aches for those of you who are having such a hard time with
    depression, racing heart, and all the other wonderful things that come
    with GD. Hang in there – we hear from people who have had this for years
    that life does get better.

    I’m trying to take my own good advice above. It seems I’ve hit a plateau
    with the PTU. Haven’t noticed anything getting better for a couple weeks.

    Tuesday was especially trying. Work was hectic and stressful – and then
    my boss asked me to take on a new project. Yea – right. I really need
    that right now, but don’t have much choice. Then I was trying to balance
    the checkbook. Seems I managed to delete the mortgage payment (I keep
    everything on Quicken on the computer). And I thought I was doing so
    well keeping within the income on Christmas presents. I beat up on
    myself pretty bad, cried (wonderful feeling with no tears), and then
    read the BB postings. It helped to hear other’s encouragement
    and problems. Put money back in perspective.

    Thanks for everyone being out there in this cyber-community!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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