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      Claudia, that was hilarious! Great story. People are so funny.


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        I missed Thanksgiving because…

        1. I had RAI the day before and we have babies in my extended family and
        2. I wasn’t strong enough to do the 3 hr. drive each way (even as a passenger) and the big dinner too.

        So, I did a smart thing (I think). I called both sides of the family and asked them not to do a “20 questions about GD” number on my husband and son. Reason I gave was, I wanted them to enjoy themselves and have a few hours off from my recently diagnosed illness. I also printed out the GD FAQ page and sent it with Jeff (husband) telling him to give it to the parents asking them to read it later. It worked great. They got some answers and my family had a good time and most importantly, some time off to just enjoy family and food.

        Here’s the funny part. My mother-in-law is a hypocondriac (sp). They left for FL for the winter yesterday and stopped at our house (it’s on the way) about suppertime. My husband prepared this big turkey dinner with all the trimmings. “Mom” wanted to know if Jeff really did it all by himself (meaning, did I handle any of the food). We lied and said,” Yup, he did, all by himself.” Well, I have never seen a skimpier looking plate of food in all my life! There was no way she could of sat further away from me at the table. And when I took her gloved hand in mine as they were leaving for their motel room (yes, they usually stay with us) it went perfectly limp as I said, “I wish I could give you a hug good bye, but I’m radioactive, you know.” “Oh, that’s okay, honey. We’ll hug you on our way back next spring”, she replied. Jeff and I had our first belly laugh as soon as the door closed since as this _rap began
        You can find something to laugh at.

        God bless all on this BB,

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