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      Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
      A: He didn’t have the guts.

      Q: What does a ghost eat for lunch?
      A: A BOO-logna sandwich.

      Q: What did the Mommy ghost say to the baby ghost?
      A: Don’t spook until your spooken to.

      Q: What kind of protozoa likes Halloween?
      A: An amoeboo!

      Q: How do vampires get around on Halloween night?
      A: By blood vessels.

      Q: Why do ghouls and demons hang out together?
      A: Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend!

      Q: What happened to the guy who couldn’t keep up payments to his exorcist?
      A: He was repossessed.

      Have a great day!

      For The Kiddies

      Q: What do the birds sing on Halloween?
      A: Twick or Tweet

      Q: Why should a skeleton drink 10 glasses of milk a day?
      A: It’s good for the bones

      Q: What was the witches favorite subject in school?
      A: Spelling

      Q: Why did the mummy call the doctor?
      A: Because he was coffin

      Q: What does a vampire fear most?
      A: Tooth decay

      Q: Where did the vampire open his savings account?
      A: At a blood bank

      Q: Where do mummies go for a swim?
      A: To the dead sea

      Q: What is Transylvania?
      A: Dracula’s terror-tory

      Q: Where does dracula water ski?
      A: On Lake Erie

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