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      I had the other part of the uptake done today, all the tech told me was that the numbers
      were real high. I also had to get a ct scan done, it was real hard to stay still
      for the entire time. The doctor called me later to tell me there were no tumors or
      anything on my thyroid. So that calmed me down a little anyway. I was also started on ptu,
      He said it takes a few weeks to start to work.

      the main thing that bothers me today is the shaking of my hands
      and knees. Any one else experience shaking?
      and have you found anything that helps. It
      makes me crazy when I deal with the public and I shake.

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        I did go to the ER yesterday as 2 of my Dr.’s called and said to go ASAP. They feared bleeding in my brain. After being there 8 hrs. and having a CT scan and a spinal tap, they found nothing. Endo Dr. doesn’t think this is Grave’s related at all. I do have a herinated disk problem in my neck and they think that is the cause. I had injured it somehow and it can cause headaches from the top of my forehead all the way around my head and into my neck and shoulders. Which is what I have. 7 days now. It’s the muscles in the head pulling from the injured disk in my neck. I’m on morphine and feeling pretty good. And I see the nueroloigst soon.
        Although I wasn’t told I was supposed to lay flat for 24 hrs after having a spinal tap and now I’m in pain from my back and down my legs. Lovely…..
        Not sure how the ER can forget to tell me something so important. If I have numbness in my feet I’m to return to the ER.

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          Imagine, glad to hear you got some medical attention on that, and I hope your neurologist finds a conservative treatment that will prevent such headaches in the future. I also have some herniated discs in my neck, but so far have been able to avoid surgery.

          Dianne W
          NGDF Online Facilitator

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            I just felt so relieved reading the posts on headaches. I felt like I was a nut case or a whiner! I felt like I was all alone, and that no one understands. Besides the fatigue, headaches have been the worst part of GD. I have had chronic headaches (migranes, tension) for about 10 years, and I had basically learned to live with them. However, now they seem to be worse. I am going on 9 days for this latest headache. I have gone to the chiropractor (thankfully insurance pays!) and a massage therapist. I have tried muscle relaxers, NSAIDS, tylenol, (and combinations of all these),aromatherapy, warm/cold packs to my throbbing head, and potato slices dipped in vinegar (placed on my forehead). I am now willing to try any old wives tails out there. I am so tired of pills and am trying to stay away from more. I do have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow, but am frustrated at the lack of treatment options. I have had a MRI & CT scan a couple of years ago, so hopefully I won’t have to go through that again. I have felt some relief from the massage & chiropractor, so I was finally able to go to work. I can’t wait till this GD problem is normalized. I am wasting too much time feeling bad. Thanks for letting me vent!

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