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      Re: to kast australia
      Do you attribute your eye protusion improvement to your nightime eye treatments; taping with micropore? I have the eye condition and am desperately looking for anything that will alleviate the swelling. Doctors can do very little for me right now except recommend eye drops to relieve dryness caused from constant protrusion. It’s very frustrating. How long have you had condition, when did it start improving? Good luck, thanks. michele.

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        Michelle – my eyes were very,very sore and swollen at different times of
        the year they were worse. When i was eventually diag with gd my tsh level
        was 118! I use lacrilube at night and allergan celluvisc or cellufresh
        (no preservs.)during the day i also found th NGDG info sheets very helpful
        eg.don’t let eyes dry out try to keep them moist. Also the main help was
        to tape eyes at night to stop drying out. i am more than eager to hear
        others solutions and hints. also anyone tried silk masks to keep out the
        light? I find with the summer i am waking up earlier!! Good luck and keep
        working at it.


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          would like to talk with others – feel sometimes that I have 2 diseases and
          no one really understands.
          Eye troubles for me improved when I taped my eyes with micropore at night
          and use eye lubricant tho I still suffer dry eyes protusion has improved
          I wish I could feel more energetic. any helpers?

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            Hi Kast! I also had to tape my eyes shut at night using eye lubricant. When I got tired of having raw spots on my cheeks from the tape (even the sensitive type got sticky after nightly use), I switched to a regular bandana that was rolled up. It seemed to keep my eyes just as moist and it kept the morning light out.

            After two lid retractions on each eye, I no longer have to tape or use my bandana. Somehow things do get better! :)


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