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      here is something, went to my endo had blood tests done
      thyroid – i dont have the numbers but will have them next week.
      but i am on 112 synthroid now and my thyroid is borderline high
      he told me to stop the syntroid for saturday and sunday
      and take 100 mg on monday
      and call him tuesday for the rest of my blood tests.
      he said i am not a normal case
      cause i also take hrt patch for menopause
      and my chloestreral count is good cholesteral is good
      and the bad cholesteral is bad
      and he also did a test for high risk with cholesteral
      and because of the fibro everything is off
      and my bp was 150 over 90 and that is high for me cause i take 2 high blood pressure pills
      so we all know i am not a normal case
      he wants to run some other tests
      and then on tuesday or wednesday we will discuss numnbers and pills
      and high risk cholesteral
      and fibro and female hormones
      and i have to go back to him again on june 7 as he is retiring and wants to run more tests before he leaves on the 17 of june
      the new endo who is taking his place is supposed to be very very good.- a woman.
      and he told me that alot of his graves people now on synthroid and stable could have their bloods done by their internist now
      but because of all my things going on he prefers me to stick with an endo.
      he is a very good doctor and i am very sad his is leaving
      he saved my life
      but i knew something was up
      cause i am sweating in the middle of the night
      and the xanax i take for anxiety was not doing it for me
      and i am hyper

      question do uou think after not taking any synthyroid for 2 days this weekend and then starting on the 100 mg on monday
      i will be tired. i hope not cause i have a big week at work
      thats it for me.
      thanx for listening

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        You should be fine at work even though you are missing 2 doseage of your med. We get a built up of the thyoid hormone in our bloodstream and that is why the doctor is having you miss a couple of doseage. But it isn’t enough to effect how you feel.


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          Does anyone know about how long after you quit a medication (Synthroid),that you can have another blood test to test your levels?

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