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      HI Everyone
      Lately I have been getting headaches behind my eyes and light bothers them but they have not been running. My eyes do feel gritty though, more dry than runny. Has anyone had these symptoms before opthalmopathy?
      I have three kinds of headaches that i get every day. I get the behind the eyes headaches, the headache which means I have done too much activivty wise and the headache which means again I have burned up all of my fuel and need to eat some more. I will be going to the optho Friday and will know something then….in the meantime I am waiitng for some blood tests to come back today.
      Wish you all well,

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        You might ask your doctor or ophthamalogist about using eyedrops. As
        a GD survivor I have been using eyedrops for years, as often as once
        a day or several days a week. It’s another fact of life with GD. There is
        a heavy duty eye drop that can be put in just before going to bed (it’s best
        to do it then because your vision will be blurred for little while after applying
        it) that is really good for gritty eyes. It’s called Refresh PM. All these
        are over-the-counter, but you might want to ask a pharmacist which are
        best for long-term use. For instance, you don’t want to use Visine (spell?)
        or some of the drops that are just for short-term use. Good luck, and
        hope your eyes feel better soon.

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