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      Hello All,

      I went to the Eye doc in Miami today. Been having additional problems with double vision and depth
      perception. I thought I had 6 diopter prisms base out in each lens but turns out I had 5 D b/o in
      ieach eye. They are going to increase the right lens to 7 diopter base out to equal 12 which is where
      I thought I was. Confused?? What this will do is take away the double vision. Easy. No surgery
      just a new lense. Cool beans. Sorry I missed the chat tonight I left for Miami at 9 AM and just got
      home a little bit ago. Been a long day. Glad to see you are all looking after each other and are
      doing a fine job of offering support. My dad is holding his own and thank all of you who have asked.
      We still expect a phone call any day saying he is gone. Have been working on some Indian flute songs
      to play for him. My son and I are going to try to tape some and send them to him. We will play the
      grandfather song and Amazing Grace. I have also made a song for my father which I will play for him.

      Have some pow wows coming up and we are getting ready to go dance and play our flutes and have a good
      time. GD is a pain in the butt but it will not get me down.

      I wish you peace,
      Jake (Achgook (Deleware for Snake))

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        The Indian flute music sounds great and definitely soothes the sick! The only thing I could bear to listen
        to when I was very hyper was Carlos Nakai and Robert Mirabel.
        (Any other music grated on my nerves to the extreme). If you have
        suggestions as to who else would be great to give a listen to, let
        me know. Do you find playing it also soothes you when you feel
        like garbage?


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          Music definetly does soothe the soul! I have found Tony O’Connor to be very soothing and a great way to relieve stress. You might also enjoy Enya. You can find these CD’s at nature stores such as Natural Wonders, etc. Happy Listening.


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            Someone once said that music is the fourth requirement of life, along
            with food, clothing and shelter. Can you tell that music is my avocation?
            Try some Cusco, a German instrumental group that is inspired by nature
            (available at music stores). Also, the water music by Miyami (sp)
            is excellent (available at nature stores). Good listening!

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