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      Don’t worry Michelle, you won’t sit in your bedroom talking to yourself. We sit mostly in the living room talking to our computers.:)


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        I found out i had GD one year ago. Since then I have had the iodine treatment and now am on synthroid. It’s wonderful to meet all of you, as for a year now, I have been looking for others with this problem. Up until now I have only heard stories (terrible one’s at that.) i.e.-someone told by boyfriend I would eventually go nuts, just sit in the bedroom, talking to myself all day!
        Not having to be an edo myself I assured him I would be fine. The most troublesome aspect to this I would say was the lack of info. Having read your notes, I feel better knowing there’s a group I can communicate with who has first hand experience and is open to share. I would have to say that being only 25 yrs., I’m mostly concerned with long term effects and the my ability to have children.
        My Dr. has told me that I should be fine to have kids, but there might be the chance they will have hyper thyroid. It was great for me to read that women in this group had the iodine and successful pregnacy.

        Again this is a perfect resource for many, and I am so pleased to have found you!

        Michelle D.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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