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    Dear Jake, and any interested readers,

    I just had the first very pleasant and supportive doctors visit in over
    a year. Jake, I don’t know if you remember me (only one of so many you
    seem to console so well through the computer), you were kind enough to
    share the name of your Opthamologist whom I saw yesterday. I went to the
    W.Palm Beach office and was amazed. I am not cured or anything but the
    staff and doctors were incredibly nice. I guess I am so used to being
    snapped at, or ignored this was a truly refreshing experience in the
    midst of all this anguish. I was thoroughly intimidated by the Doctors
    credentials, patients even approached me telling me how great he is,
    yet he was so compassionate and the staff was so pleasant even offering
    to bring coffee on more than one occassion. Maybe I have just had a bad
    experience with doctors, and doctor offices but I believe I have found a

    I hope to see the Dr.T again after I have a CT Scan but I am pacing my
    visits because my HMO doesn’t cover any of this and I hope to be covered
    under a comprehensive plan after the first of the year.
    I just received my approved referral to the HMO Endo. but I am not getting
    my hopes up.

    Thanks againg to Jake, and all of you who make me feel so un-alone.
    I wish everyone well. BY THE WAY – I am not sure if I put down the
    complete E-Mail address, I can’t find my computer cheat notes which
    I am learning from. GOOD NI

    Post count: 93172

    Hi Jake, thanks for your post. Dividing the BB into sections would help for those with limited time on the BB. Because I suffer from only the eye disease at the moment I often go straight to the applicable posts, however, I am interested in seeing how others are doing when I have the time and my eyes are not too sore.

    As I posted yesterday – thanks to all of you involved for providing your time and support in bringing us this wonderful informative and supportive BB.

    Take care and keep smiling! SAS

    Post count: 93172

    a few months ago, i went to an eye specialist (my endo claimed part of my
    vision problems were due to the need of bifocals) after telling him about
    graves,he explained what the disease is and what to expect. i was horrified!

    4 weeks later, i was at the endo and told him i had seen an eye specialist
    and yes bifocals were needed. he measured my eyes 20 & 21 (whatever that
    is on the spectrum) and bluntly said i’ll leave the eyes to your specialist.

    guess that is ok, as i learned more from eye sp. than the endo. but why i
    am writing is this:

    the eye specialist trained under a group of surgeons in detroit and feels
    he knows what to look for and when to send me if necessary. and gave me
    the following things to look for:

    take a red object and stand in front of another person and look in each
    others eyes with the red object in one hand (close opposite eye) horizontal
    with shoulders and slowly start bringing it in—both people should see
    it about the same time…repeat with other eye (opposite closed) if the
    spot changes where gd person and normal person sees red–SEE a dr asap.
    reason—red is the first color to go. he also sent a paper with lines
    to read and a grid to read daily….any changes see a dr asap.

    anyone else get this info?? or know of anything else??

    Post count: 93172

    Yes, the test you are doing every day is to check for changes in your vision. Red is the first color to go. ANY change in the way your see the color you use for checking should be reported to your eye doctor immediately. It isn’t anything to worry about, just a means of tracking where you are. I didn’t have the grid paper, but some others on this board have used them also. Good luck, your eye doctor seems to know what is happening.

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