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      Hi everyone!!
      Picked up a GREAT book in my Endo’s office yesterday.
      It is called The Thyroid Source Book.
      It is written by M. Sara Rosenthal and is the updated version (1996)
      It is an Excellent book. It gave me a lot of insight into
      some of the symptoms that I have been experiencing,
      and also explained a lot of questions I had and did not see on the BB
      I would recommend this book to anyone who is just diagnosed or
      who has had GD for years. I sat down last night and read and then got up
      and finished it this morning. (oh my poor eyes!!!) I could not put
      it down!!
      Lynn from Toronto
      GD Warrior

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        yes, I agree on this one. This is a great book! Full of info. Good
        info! I picked it up at Border’s two years ago.

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          I saw that the book “The Thyroid Solution” by Dr. Ridaha Arem IS on the NGDF book list and I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I saw someone else posted that this was a good book to read and I picked up more for me than my daughter. She has GD, I don’t know what I have yet…going through tests and stuff…possibly hypo?!?!? Anyway, I think the book is EXCELLENT!! On the book list page it described the book as “technical”, I disagree. Maybe it’s because I have read SOOOOOOOO much on Graves, hypo, hyper, autoimmune, etc. on the web and other books, I thought it was right on, especially the emotional end of thyroid disease. It IS a thick book and there are ALOT of words on a page but it is very reassuring…I’m not and my daughter’s not crazy!! It’s nice to know we’re not alone.
          Hang in there all!

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