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      Ive had GD for 12 years and blood tests are fine. Been on synthoid for all these years. I also have the ringing in the ears and have had since I was diagnoised. My dr says its not related but I think it is. WHen you say problems with the thyroid what do you mean?

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        I was diagnosed with Grave’s after years of not feeling well (fatigue,etc)
        Had the RAI treatment June ’97, remained hyper for three months and crashed
        to very low levels in Sept’97. Was placed on synthroid, doseage adjusted
        higher every 4-5 weeks. Went hyper by Dec’97 though and have remained high
        even though the doseage was reduced every 5 weeks. Doctors took me off
        the synthroid altogether 8 weeks ago because they came to the conclusion
        that part of my thyroid had regenerated itself and was producing. Well,
        guess what – I am now hypo again and been placed on a low dose of synthroid
        again. What is to stop it from going hyper again? Should I consider pushing
        the doctors for surgery…

        Has anyone else had tinnitus (ringing in the ears, plugged feeling). It
        can be associated with thyroid problems.

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          I have occasional ringing in my ears, very occasional! Maybe I experience a pop in my ear followed by ringing as infrequently as once a month. I am opting for no RAI but total thyroidectomy next month. Best of luck to you.

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