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      I frequently read your BB, and just need to vent this.
      Diagnosed with graves 3 years ago and treated with RAI
      right after diagnosis the roller coaster ride begins every day.
      Is it the Meds, what is it? Docs say everything is in normal range
      but you can never predict how you are going to feel. It is the strangest.
      Symptoms are they grave related? From eyes problems to hands locking up
      to mood swings. The list can go on and on. Before this ride I was
      a positive, energetic person. Now I may be one day the next, not.
      What is the real cause? I guess that is the Million Dollar question.

      Thanks, No Fun

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        I’ve been reading the BB for several months now and have learned a great
        deal of info. Things I have been to frightened to face and/or ask my
        doctors. I was hospitalized a few years ago and diagnosed with graves
        optho. After several months on PTU and inderal, I took the big step and
        went with RAI. I am ashamed to say, I didn’t ask a single question about
        the different treatments available. I dutifully followed my drs. instructions,
        (mostly, because I feel he is an excellent dr and he isn’t afraid to say
        “I don’t know much about this, but I know a dr. that does) So far, thru
        my “trials & tribulations” of life, he’s been pretty much on target.
        However, after reading the BB, I feel as if I can ask questions that I
        have been terrifed of finding answers to.

        I have been on synthroid for a year now,thought it was regulated. The past
        few months I’ve been sobbing over everything and nothing, have spurts of
        energy and then will sleep whenever I’m not working. Waiting on blood work
        results..hope for answer tomorrow. Eyes are puffy and stinging.

        How do you guys cope with your families? I feel like I’m cheating mine out
        of a normal life…can’t do this/mom’s too tired!
        Gotta go so I can sob a bit!

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