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      After visiting with my endo on Thursday,
      I am officially in remission (for how long is
      anyone’s guess). I’m going to enjoy this as
      long as it lasts. I have always been a very
      positive person, so I’m going to live as if the
      remission will be forever.

      With that thought, I’ll be leaving the board
      until such time as I am again in need of the
      support and info that you’ll have provided.

      Before I go, I want to give you’ll a summary
      of my care. I was diagnosed in April and put
      on 5 mg Tapazole. I responded very well,
      in fact, I went hypo in Sept. At that time I
      had .05 Synthroid added to the daily dose of
      Tapazole. On Nov 26 I stopped both meds.

      I had blood work done on Dec 10 and on
      Thursday the endo says that everything is
      within normal ranges and I have no symptoms
      other than dry, gritty eyes.

      I’m to have labs in April unless the GD flares
      up before then.

      I will be going out of town tomorrow, but I’ll
      monitor the board tonight to see if any of you
      have questions or comments.

      Becky Ryder
      Houston, TX

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