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      Easy for who????? I used to teach 4th grade math but now that GD has overtaken my body I got so confused trying to figure this one out :(
      Yes I am the Miriam and also the Miriam. I’m sorry if using different screen names I have is confusing anyone here. I printed this out and I bet my 13 year old son can solve it within 10 minutes and my husband Mike will solve it within seconds. Me…. give me 6 weeks to solve it lol


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        Mike says 15. I say give us an easier one tomorrow lol!

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          Amen, Miriam. I say forget the whole thing! The mere appearance of one of these puzzles buckles my intestines and throws me head-long into a grand mal seizure! To each his own…..


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            Okay folks here is an easy puzzle or brainteaser:

            One-fifth of the butterflies flew to the roses, one
            third to the carnations, and three times the
            the difference of these two flew to the daisies.
            One butterfly continued to fly about, aimlessly.
            What was the total number of butterflies?

            Answer published tommorrow!

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              Yup, it has to be 15 pink thyroid butterflies! I guessed 15 and Brent
              had to prove it to me algebraically. Jeannette knows what I mean. :)
              1/5x + 1/3x + 3(1/3x-1/5x) + 1 = x
              I proved it to him with stick butterflies! hehe

              Thanks for the mindteaser! Debby

              P.S. Red alert! I finally got my conference pictures back. As soon as
              I have time (school’s starting, you know), I’ll get them on the web and
              let you all know! :)

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                15 Butterflies altogether
                3 to the roses
                5 to the carnations
                6 to the daisies
                1 aimless

                Am I right?

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