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      I can only speak from my experience but I had RAI more than three years ago and this summer for
      no reason I can explain, I began to go hyper again on my regular dose
      of replacement hormone. My first clue was a racing heart when I was at rest
      but my first clue should have been my extreme irritability, short temper
      and ease of going into a rage – mostly at my husband of ten years. Once I
      got to the Doc and realized the connection to my angered state, I cried all the way
      home thinking of how I’d been treating my family for several months. This
      is a frustrating disease and it does frustrating things to your mind and
      your body. Tell your friend to hang in there. Fortunately my spouse does
      and we try to make sense of this together but OH, it gets hard sometimes!!

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        Graves disease(especially uncontrolled) can affect people in a lot of adverse ways. It can make your thought process shakey, to say the least. I hesitate to second guess your friend’s situation. But I can tell you that her husband needs to see his endo on a regular basis. Even though he has had his thyroid removed, he still takes meds which need monitored. Have your friend e-mail us and we may be able to suggest some options for her.

        JAN, NGDF

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          I’m writing for a friend of mine and I was hoping maybe I could get some answers for her. He husband was diagnosed with Graves a few years back. He has since had his thyroid out and has been doing o.k. He just has not been to the doctor on a regular basis. (his choice) Out of the blue a few weeks ago, he decided he didn’t want to be married anymore and up and left. Said he just needed to be alone, doesn’t want a divorce but doesn’t want to be married. Left her in limbo. Is there a chance that the Graves could be affecting his ability to think straight or make rational decisions? She is trying to cope and is very concerned that he needs help but there is little she can do without his coopperation.
          Could someone please give us some insight as to the psycological aspect of Graves and what she should do to help?
          Anything would be appreciated.

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