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      I don’t read much good news here.. There seem to be many complaints about drs and not much godd advice. the drs don’t have any help???
      or they are less well informed.. they don’t like to deal with problems they can’t fix perhaps.
      I visited an arthritis newsgroup and was impressed with the fact that a dr is aregular
      and reponds to questions. I am new here and not finding any help with my graves problem anywhere so far.
      It is depressing for those who have it and maybe for
      those who are expected to treat it. I am in Northeast
      Indiana and ther is only 1 endo here. Not promising.
      Input appreciated.

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        When I went hypo after RAI (tsh went up to 75), I had severe, quick cramping of muscles, was very lethargic, and had little energy. Glad you had a recent test. Eventually Grave’s does destroy the thyroid.

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          Hi Meg and welcome.

          I too had the cramps in my legs. I found that different doses of synthroid effected different large muscle groups. One change made my calves jump. Another made my upper legs and butt to jump and a third caused my large back muscles to twitch.

          So I can understand the jumpy legs. Ince you are considering surgery I assume you are still on ATDS?? It seems remission is not in the future for you since you have had Graves’ for so many years. Let us know how you are doing. We are here 24/7 and only a click away.

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            Hi Angie,

            How long did it take for your TSH to get to 75? I had RAI on 8/4/00 and I had blood work done this past week, my TSH was .02! I was extremely hyper, so it may take me awhile!


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