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      Hi, Val:

      The ONLY person who can tell you if what you are experiencing is a problem with Graves’ eyes is the ophthamologist. Any or all of your symptoms could possibly be related to thyroid hormone levels, but your safest bet is to see an opthamologist, too. Even if it turns out that it is a symptom of GED, it doesn’t necessarily mean that things will get worse. There are no predictions possible with the eye disease. Getting some of the symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you will get ALL of the symptoms and problems. But, for your own peace of mind, check with an eye doctor.

      Good luck,


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        Hi all !

        I’ve always followed the eye posts carefully, even though I never had any problems personally with my eyes. I have never seen this particular question address (maybe I missed it?)

        Anyway, my levels are stable on ATDs. I’ve been doing well, begun exercising again and mostly getting on with life by learning to adjust and to live with the different ups and downs. Mostly good days, but of course there are some not so good ones. However, nothing like the horribly out of control hyper days were.

        For several weeks my eyes have been throbbing from behind. They are swollen in the AM, but the swelling subsides during the day. I also notice that I am constantly reassuring myself that I have my sunglasses with me, even in the early evening. I keep telling myself it’s allergy, but
        antihistine does nothing for the throbbing. Motrin seems to help a little, but not much. Cool compresses help also.

        IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE EYE STUFF ? If any of you remember the early stages please comment. I’m flipping out.

        Thanks and blessings to all,

        Valerie L

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          I’ve been experiencing the same thing–pressure behind the eyes, eye aches, swollen eyes, red and stinging eyes (kind of dry). I also noticed a “blink” that lasted longer than it should! I’m freakin’ out too.

          I’m also going to be scheduling an RAI in Feb. This stuff is so spooky. The BB helps me. I read it a lot.

          My endo says that once you have RAI the Graves is gone. I am not getting that from the Bulletins I read on this board. What do you think?

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            Sounds like this could be the beginning of the eye thing for you. Please
            don’t panic. Did you ever get a baseline eye exam done after your graves
            diagnosis? If not, I suggest you see a qualified opthomologist who deals with graves disease.
            Then you will be sure of what it is or is not. Please do this soon,
            as letting the eye thing go on too long can make things worse in the long run.
            I hope I have helped you in some small way and want to reassure you that
            if it is your eyes, you are not alone and it’s not always as bad as you
            read on the BB. Every person is different.
            If you need to talk, you may e-mail either me or Jake, who has the eye thing
            at or
            Keep your chin up and have faith in your higher being.


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